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605 Ft
Termék címkék: Michael Morpurgo

Billy The Kid

605 Ft
Elérhetőség: Elfogyott


a thrilling and moving story about a Chelsea footballer who gets caught up in the ravages of the Second World War, with the focus on the Beautiful Game as a common bond that can link nations and generations.' Foreman's shimmering watercolours and line, so agile and expressive, are a perfect match for Morpurgo's assured and memorable narrative. This is a book that will be treasured by any child or teacher learning about the Second World War.' TES 'It's wonderful!' Kate Agnew 'Michael Morpurgo, whose command of his material is absolute, told with all the author's open-hearted clarity, and richly illustrated by Michael Foreman.' Guardian 'A story that combines football and war. It is a lot like an afternoon at Stamford Bridge, and ideal for football fans aged eight and over.' Daily Telegraph 'If you just love good stories, stunning pictures and beautiful books, you'll want this book for your own.' Young Writer.

Billy the Kid's life story is as powerful and hard-hitting as his strikeres kick was for pre-war Chelsea. Billy's now eighty but is still as inspired by football as when he was a skinny lad with a natural born talent. At 19 Billy achieved his dream to play for Chelsea, quickly becoming a terrace favourite, the Michael Owen of 1939 but dreams were sadly the first casualty as Billy followed the world into war. Morpurgo avoids one-dimensional goalmouth heroics to recount an extraordinary life of highs and tragic lows bound together by a devotion to football while Forman's stirring colour illustrations adeptly capture the physical and emotional drama Billy faces on the football pitch and battlefield. (Kirkus UK)
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